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    Optical Engineering and Thermal Radiation

    MEEN 4800/5800

    New: Spring 2020

    Link: Syllabus

    Integrated optics and thermal radiation heat transfer. Basic optics covers ray tracing, wave equation, layered media, and light-matter interactions. Its application to thermal radiation considers materials properties, view factors, and participating media.

    Graduate/Senior-Level Advanced Math Methods

    MEEN 5140

    Fall 2017-2019

    Link: Syllabus

    Videos: TBA

    Introduction to partial differential equations (PDEs) and numerical methods used to solve them. Other topics include series solutions, computational uncertainty, and conduction heat transfer.

    Undergraduate Heat Transfer

    MEEN 3210

    Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

    Link: Syllabus

    Videos: TBA

    Core engineering course on energy physics and modes of heat transfer. Conceptual and analytical details on conduction, convection, and thermal radiation are taught.