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    Personal projects and hobbies

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    Science Volunteering

    Free access to science museums made my childhood past. To give back to these enrichment programs, I support local science exhibits by volunteering my time as a exhibit expert. I volunteered at the California Science Center's Air & Space Exhibit, which showcases the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour. If you are in Southern California, please take a visit and learn about our past NASA Space Shuttle program!

    Scuba Diving

    After seeing divers interact with marine wildlife at the California Science Center, I took the initiative to try Scuba diving myself in 2015. I was certified PADI Open Water in March 2016, and then PADI Advanced Open Water in September 2016. Almost all of my dives are in Southern California, from the reefs off Catalina Island to the sandy beaches of Redondo Beach. In 2017, I helped clean up Avalon harbor toward USC's Environmental Studies Institute.